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atlas of human histology

Atlas of Human Histology

A Guide to Microscopic Structure of Cells, Tissues and Organs
367 pages.
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Robert L. Sorenson
T. Clark Brelje

3rd Edition
Copyright © 2004, 2008, 2014. All rights reserved.

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The Atlas of Human Histology: A Guide to Microscopic Structure of Cells, Tissues and Organs by Robert L. Sorenson and T. Clark Brelje is the companion atlas to the Histology Guide website providing a print version of the slides. (1000 photomicrographs, 62 pages of text and 50 illustrations, 367 pages).

Each chapter begins with introductory text that is essential information for understanding and learning the histology slides. This is followed by an Observe and Note section which serves as a check list of the essential features of the tissue specimens for that chapter. Illustrations are included where needed to facilitate understanding the content and context of the microscope sections. All specimens are fully labeled. The atlas serves as a reference as well as a guide to promote and enhance the virtual microscope experience in Histology Guide.

The following sample chapters are available for download: